Vandana addressing a group of people at Axelsons, Stockholm, Sweden







Vandana is born and brought up in India. Massage is very much part of her culture & tradition and she was receiving massage from her early childhood.

She learnt Ayurvedic Yoga Massage in Pune, India, with the Ayurvedic Master Kusum Modak. She has been working with this technique for about 9 years and has been teaching the same through workshops, trainings etc. in Scandinavia.

She is living in Stockholm, Sweden for most of the time of the year and her clinic is at "Kornhamnstorg 6, Gamla Stan" where she gives individual sessions.

She is also a certified yoga teacher and teaches yoga in Stockholm.

She loves to cook and teach indian food and gives classes in Sweden.

The way she shares her work is very much inspired by the enlightened master Osho. She lived, worked and meditated in Osho Meditation Resort, Pune, for many years.

Johan Westman (Praful)

Johan has an in depth experience of bodywork and is a certified Osho Rebalancer and Osho Craniosacral balancer. He is also trained in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and counselling. He has been giving individual sessions since 1993.

He has an extensive experience of meditation, personal growth and teaching.

Many of his skills and trainings has been acquired abroad, mainly at Osho Multiversity, Pune India.


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